was a proud moment for me, only a few months ago, to accept my nomination by the Governor in Council as Executive Director of Telefilm, as recommended by the Board of Directors. I am equally proud of the confidence that our Chair, Michel Roy, and the members of our Board have placed in me.

My primary objective in this role is to make Telefilm a real catalyst for success in the Canadian audiovisual industry. I have no doubt that we can achieve this goal by working together with the industry and the passionately dedicated Telefilm team that I now have the pleasure and privilege of leading.

Our Issues

Clearly, we have many challenges to face, three of which will receive particular attention in the coming months.

Our first challenge will be to fully comprehend, appreciate and respond to the profound change the audiovisual industry is undergoing right now. To address this reality, Telefilm has already initiated an in-depth reflection process regarding the direction it must take in order to respond effectively to the needs of our clients. In this regard, we expect to make an announcement early next year.

Secondly, we must improve our ability to scope out new talent and put measures into place to support and promote it.

Thirdly, we must address the clear imbalance between the English-language and French-language audiovisual markets we support. We intend to develop and promote both, in Canada and abroad, by keeping in step with their distinctive realities.

Our Guiding Principles

The decisions we make in the months ahead will no doubt define the Telefilm of tomorrow. As we ponder these decisions, we must get closer to our clients to ensure alignment with their needs and their reality.

We will also keep the concerns of taxpayers, to whom we promise operating efficiency and transparency, at the forefront of our reflections.

Finally, we will strengthen and revitalize our presence in the regions. We will put measures into place to ensure that Canadian culture, in all its diversity, is well represented and supported.

Our Objectives

Our mandate is clear: “To foster and promote the development of the audiovisual industry in Canada.” To do so, we are determined to make Telefilm an effective and constructive partner in the growth of this industry and to rally stakeholders around common goals and objectives. We will support and highlight the best of Canadian content on the national and international scenes.

The Canadian audiovisual industry is composed of tens of thousands of artists, creators and companies devoted to the success of their art. We exist to help them. They are the focus of our mission and their success is the measure of our success – and that of society as a whole. Consequently, we will advocate the vital impact it makes to our culture and our economy.

I am delighted that the recent special examination by the Auditor General’s Office confirms our good governance practices. The report concludes: “On the basis of our findings, we concluded that the Corporation, during the period covered by our examination, implemented systems and practices that provide reasonable assurance that its assets are safeguarded and controlled, its resources are managed economically and efficiently, and its operations are carried out effectively.”1This gives us confidence in our operating policies and processes. We will continue improving our administrative efficiency as a means to channel more resources to our programs and our clients.

Catalyst for Success

There will always be those who have good stories to tell and others who will want to hear them. But the way in which these stories are shared is changing significantly and consumers of audiovisual content are already engaged in this new reality.

Telefilm must find its role in this digital environment. For my part, I intend to lead this organization, with all the rigor and effectiveness for which it is known, in that very direction so that our industry remains strong, vigorous and a source of pride.

Carolle Brabant
Executive Director

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